Hello, I'm Alicia!

So, here I am, a Southern California girl living in picturesque eastern North Carolina. Three years ago I traded palm trees for pines, and while you might be wondering how I got here, my story is pretty conventional. My husband is in the military and one day he came home from work and said, “They’re sending us to North Carolina!” And that was that.

Some people might face a change that big with anxiety and trepidation but my family and I embraced the move and can honestly say we love living here. I'm completely inspired by the people, the landscape, the history and nostalgia-- and the fresh air. My soul definitely needed a change in scenery after living most of my life in the metropolitan hustle and bustle.

As a kid, I always had my camera in my hands. I started with a nifty little Polaroid 110 pocket camera and eventually graduated to a 35mm Minolta. I snapped photos of everything and everyone, and over the course of about 25 years I amassed hundreds of 4x6 prints that now live in unorganized shoe boxes. I imagine that one day my son will look through those photos with his family and hopefully have a well-documented history of the life I lived and the world as I saw it.

My passion has always been story-telling—whether with words on paper or the photographs I've captured since childhood. When I was in high school I realized I could actually making a living doing what I love, and so after graduation I moved onto college where I earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Southern California. I spent my early professional life as a television news writer but it was after the birth of my son that Alicia Q. Photography was born, too.

For the past six years it has been my complete honor to document the moments that matter most. How incredible is it that I get to be a witness to the best days of my clients’ lives? I will never take that for granted. I know how important photographs are but even more so, I know how important the stories are. I promise to be just as invested as you are and to preserve your history with truth and joy.