Texas, here I come! | Winchester, CA Photographer

I'm off to Texas tomorrow!  I'll be in Austin visiting my best friend and her husband.  It's a bitter sweet vacation, though.  While I am beyond excited to get away for a few days, I know I'm going to be hurting, missing my boys.  I've never been away from my son.  How will I cope?  And although Brandon has been deployed for months at a time, being apart from him never gets easier.  I'll do my best to manage.  Good thing I'll be around someone who knows the rythmn of my heart even better than I do!  My BFF and I date back to Kindergarten!

I'll be back Monday, but while I'm gone, I won't be checking my business email or Facebook page.  No worries, though-- I'll be sure to get back to everyone ASAP.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!  Let's celebrate our troops-- past and present.  Their sacrifices are endless and often under-appreciated.  Don't forget to thank them this holiday weekend :)