Malina and Brandon | San Diego, CA Couples Photographer

The sun didn't show up on Sunday when I met Malina and Brandon at Torrey Pines Reserve, but these two were so cute that it didn't really matter.  Young love is so precious (Malina and Brandon were high school sweethearts)!

We tried to hike down through the reserve to the beach, but luckily had a few issues getting down and had to return to the top.  It worked out better that way since they were loaded down with clothing changes and their puppy.  All three of us were short of breath by the time we got back.  I can't imagine how bad I would have been panting if I had to schlep my gear from the beach to the very top!  We drove down to the beach and finished the session on the shore.  The sky was so overcast we didn't even get a sunset, but I think we still managed to capture some great shots typical of beautiful San Diego.

Here's a sneak peek!  Enjoy!

p.s. My watermark is a work in progress.  I'm in the process of re-branding myself.  Any input is appreciated!