A little bit country and a whole lot of Sexy! | Murrieta Photographer

When Jen asked me to take her photos so she could send them to her boyfriend in Afghanistan, I was so excited!  As a military spouse myself, I love supporting our troops-- and what better way to do that than sending photos of the beautiful women who keep the home fire burning?  Not to mention I love boudoir sessions and incorporating the outdoors is so much fun. Jen wanted a country setting for her photos and I decided on a beautiful location.  Unfortunately, a Park Ranger informed me I wasn't allowed to conduct business (commercial photography) on private property-- in this case, an ecological reserve.  Oops!  He let me off with a verbal warning and I won't soon be forgetting the valuable lesson I learned.  The coyote that greeted us upon our arrival and the tarantula that popped out on the trail to see us out further solidified the notion that we were not welcome to take photos in their home.  Noted :)

A special thank you to Amanda Valletta for the amazing make-up.  Contact me for her information if you're looking for a professional artist for your special even or photo shoot.

I hope you enjoy this peek, Jen!  And of course, your boyfriend John is in our thoughts during his deployment.