Jack is One! | Temecula Child Photographer

I just love one year olds!  My son just had his first birthday and I love seeing the similiarities in personality.  This baby boy is only a few weeks older than my son and it was great to see that both of them have an affinity for attempting head stands and spinning in circles on their butts.  Too cute! Jack didn't want to smile a whole lot for me, and he gave mom a work out as she tried to keep him in front of the camera.  What can I say-- he's a boy and has a ton of energy like the rest of them :)

Here are a few shots we got in-studio last week.  It was still wet outside from recent rain so we'll head outdoors in a couple of days to finish up this session.

I'm totally in love with the Batman costume.  Jack's dad had one when he was a little boy, too!

This one just cracks me up.  He's looking at mom and thinking, "Tell this crazy lady to stop singing and making weird noises!"  He's such a doll.