Miss G | Riverside Boudoir Photographer | Alicia Q. Photography


With all these boudoir posts lately it may seem that I've switched my focus to these types of sessions, but really, I think there are just too many good looking women in Southern California.  Lucky for me they want to embrace their beauty and have me document it all !  I assure you, while this post is not family-friendly-- I still love to photograph families and children :)

There might be a little more skin in tonight's post than normal, but I can't help but have "booty envy" over Miss G.  I just knew you all wanted to share in my jealousy, so I had to include this first image.  All together now-- "UGH!"  This is almost enough motivation to get me on the elliptical tonight...almost.


Just a heads up-- this session was done in the client's home, which is always an option for boudoir sessions!  On the fence about booking a session due to a little nervousness?  I can come to you where you're most relaxed and comfortable.  Easy peezy :)