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 . I finally got a chance to meet up with a friend of mine and her kids for some "spring" pictures a few days ago.  Crazy weather had forced us to rechedule a few times, and mother nature proved to be against our plans yet again when it started raining at our session.  We can't catch a break!  But I did manage to catch some great shots of these cuties before we scurried to our cars.  Mom chose an informal setting since her kids are pros at flashing super unauthentic smiles when put in front of a camera.  Lucky for me it's hard for kids not to have a good time at the park, even when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Here are a few of my little buddies :)  Enjoy this sneak peek-- I'm sure there will be another coming sometime soon as I'm sure mom won't protest to me requesting a do-over :)


And because I'm a sucker for black & whites and candid moments...