Waiting for a Surprise | Temecula Maternity Photographer | Alicia Q. Photography

  I could easily write a novel about the woman in these photos; Karen is one of my very best friends in the entire world.  I'll spare you the Animal House-esque details about our time as college roommates, but I will say that she has really impressed me as a mom to her step-sons and as a wife.  I'm so happy I got to see her over Memorial Day weekend at her new home in Pacifica, CA.  Karen and her husband Ray are expecting a baby in about a month but they won't be finding out the gender until the delivery.  I am just dyyyyiiing to find out if I get to go shopping for blue or pink!  My intuition tells me it's going to be a girl since EVERYONE I know is having a boy this summer.  The only downside of Karen having a girl, though, is that the baby won't be able to grow a beard like daddy one day.  Bummer.

Here are a few shots from our little session in Karen's neighborhood.  Yes, Pacifica is a beach town, but as a SoCal native, I'm not always impressed with waves and sand.  I was however totally smitten with the greenery in Pacifica and I'm sure Ray will grumble again when I repeat what I said to him when we first arrived.  "I love it here!  It makes me feel like I'm in the movie Twilight!"  Doesn't it though??