Brad and April: Married | Beaumont Wedding Photographer | Alicia Q. Photography

  I feel truly blessed to have been a part of Brad and April's wedding a couple of weeks ago.  Brad is a United States Marine and used to serve in the same unit as my husband. I've always considered him a great guy and more importantly, a great friend.  I was so happy when I heard through the Grapvine (errr, I mean Facebook) that Brad had met a wonderful girl.  It was through the planning of their wedding that I got to know her, too, and decided along with everyone else that yes, April is awesome.  She's fun, outgoing, and genuine-- Brad's perfectly balanced match.  I'm thrilled for them and for their daughters who make the cutest trio of sisters.  I wish the Coleman family a lifetime of smiles and laughter.  Congratulations!

p.s. April said she had always dreamed of getting married in her father's backyard and she got just what she wanted.  Here's a look at their big day!

I made the guys pose with these cute little bottles of Corona.  I thought they looked so manly with these baby beers!