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As a North Carolina wedding photographer, I have the opportunity to photograph plenty of still life in the form of wedding details.  Flowers, shoes, dresses, cakes, décor, and RINGS.  Ohhhh, how I love photographing engagement and wedding rings.  I'm always intrigued with the challenge of taking a simple item and photographing it in a way that adds interest and depth.  Diamonds on their own are beautiful works of art, so it can sometimes be difficult to set them in a scene that amplifies that beauty without detracting from it.

This month our Blog Circle was assigned a theme of "texture" and I knew right away I wanted to feature a few of my favorite ring shots for this post.  Second only to good light, texture is paramount when I'm staging a ring shot-- either within the details of the ring itself, or in combination with the items paired with the ring .  Let me know what you think and please feel free to share your own ideas and tips in the comments below!

And don't forget to continue your journey in this month's Blog Circle by visiting my friend and San Clemente Photographer Nicole, over at Nicole Gulick Photography for her take on this month's theme :)

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